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Our Content Offerings: Pick Your Bucket

Eggs on Table

No Frills

  • Simple articles with quick research

  • 500 words or less

  • Written by high quality, generalist writer

  • Rs.3000 per piece

Toast with Sunny Side Up
  • Articles that need in-depth research

  • 500-1200 words

  • Written by high quality, domain expert writers 


  • Rs.6000 per piece

Nest Grouse Salad
Top Custom
  • Articles that include interviews with your customers, employees or other stakeholder

  • 500-1200 words

  • Written by high quality, domain expert writers

  • Rs.10000 per piece

Every topic you need

Couple Running

Health & Fitness

Health conditions & treatments, physical fitness, mental health issues & experiences

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Mother and a Child


Parenting tips, experiences of parents, ideas for parents & children, expert advice

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Fashion Model


Style tips, shopping ideas, trends & outlook, budget fashion, industry achievers

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Women at Work

Gender at work, Diversity & Inclusion implementation, women achievers, career tips

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Mobile Phone Photo of Carnival


Current shows, industry trends, pop culture quizzes and happenings, profiles and guides 

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Business Team


Thought leadership POVs for your team, industry trends, consumer insights

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Indian Dish


Recipes, ingredient ideas, food hacks, food & nutrition insights, expert tips

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VR Headset


Gadgets, Tech sector perspectives, consumer insights, User tips/ideas, tech guides

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Stock Market Down


Investment and savings guides, consumer finance questions and solutions, market trends

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Why work with Women's Web?

Women’s Web is a media tech company in the business of producing great content that inspires, and enables brands to reach a targeted digital audience.

Women’s Web enables women to share real stories, and is a leading resource for women in India – online as well as ‘in the real world’ over creative event formats.

We have been offering content creation services to customers in India as well as elsewhere in the world for over 5 years now, to produce high quality, custom content that meets client needs to the T. 

We do it by offering highly customised teams of freelance content writers for every project requirement. Our work has ranged from creating medically verified content for a consumer healthcare product, to career tips for employees in large corporates, to catalogue content and SEO optimization for an e-commerce company. For every content project, we draw upon skilled professionals from our vast network of 10000+ contributors who share their expertise at Women's Web, ensuring that you get the right person for every single piece of content you need. 


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